Success stories/Case studies,
Name: Zameela Khatoon Parentage: Mohd. Deen Age: 19 years Address: R/o Gulpur Qualification: Primary

Ms. Zameela Khatoon D/o Mohd. Deen, resident of village Gulpur of Poonch district is only a primary educated youth. Her father is a mason having annual family income of Rs. 8400/-. She belongs to a marginal farmer category having farm of 7 kanals in which maize-wheat crop rotation is practiced. In base line survey, she showed interest in acquiring skills of stitching. K.V.K. Poonch has organized a 20 days vocational training on Cutting and Tailoring in March 2009 at village Gulpur. Ms. Zameela Khatoon is one of the participants in the training. After learning basic skills of cutting and tailoring for 20 days, she practiced for one month in a private tailoring shop in Poonch. In June 2009, she started works of tailoring ladies suits at her own home. Now, she is stitching 12-15 suits per month @ Rs. 75/- per suit, thus earns Rs. 750-800 per month which helps in increasing her annual family income by 6.5% .

Sources of Family Income

S.No. Land Irrigated/Un-Irrig Crop Annual Net Income
1. 7 kanal Un-irrigated Maize 900/-
  Un-irrigated Wheat 650/-


Animal Breed No. Annual Net Income
Buffaloes Local 01 1350/-
	Others	-	-	8400/-

Total Annual Income of the family before setting of enterprise: 11300/-
Date of Establishment of new enterprise: June 2009
Income per Month from new enterprise: Rs. 750/-
Total Annual Income of the family after the setting of an enterprise: 12050/-